Thursday, August 9, 2007


I always say that "I believe in DIVORCE". I choose not to believe in a whole lotta things and I take this word seriously, but it always feels right to say BELIEVE and DIVORCE in one sentence. No I don't come from a broken up family, in fact my parents go out together and many times my friends find them in a mall or cafe chillin or shoppin together and its weird coz most of my friends have divorced parents!!!
Ruling out my parents out of the equation, I think I came to this declaration after observing people around me. The world! Boss, employee. Teacher, student. Guy, girl. Iam a student, and I sometimes have to tolerate sexist, pervert, annoying, stupid professors in order to pass the course bcoz i need it to bloody graduate!!!
The analogy is that, in matrimony u made ur vows to bla bla, or married coz u wer infatuated bla bla...but actually the minute u just get irritated by a person things work out in ur head. What ifs! If any one has a WHAT IF and they stay then they hav gotten accustomed to married life, can't b bothered to plan a run away plan(!!), have a ridiculous amout of dawry (however u spell that), r scared of society/parents/neighbours and the way they'll perceive em after divorce.
THIS ANNOYS ME! I think every1 is beautiful in their own way, n those who waste their tym tryin to work out their negative self esteem r misssinn ouuuuuttttttt! similarly positiveness is everywer just as negative shit is surrounding us (wars, famine, diseases, global warmin! and all thats on the news coz i can't possibly name our daily personal concerns!). What if all it takes for u to b happy is to take off and start over.
Drastic for sum1 who is just "annoyed" by their spouse?? I'm not stupid and neither r u...let me clarify either way.
Wot was that sayin?? the man who has a y to live will bear almost any HOW!
If I know that I could b a better person away from this person who is my out the door
if this person is opressin my talents, potential, needs in any out the door
ther is always a how to getin wer i want to b!
i always used to say this to my hiv/aids training audience...put ur self first...any trace of abuse if it goes undetected will proceed into a cancer that will kill u (in the case of HIV/AIDS) or depress ur potential (in case of marriage)
we r all here for a reason!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Self Betrayal

My blog name is drastic hypothesis, and that is a route i always take. Iam a thinker and I love contemplating things because I love decision making, and that is how i end most thoughts! I love making sharp decisions, drastic ones; I feel overwhelmed by my own assertiveness!!

Lately I noticed something about a matter I have done so many times. I have blocked certain people out of my life, completely shutting them down. The fact that I travelled alot and in those countries I made bonds and then often left, helped! I've done so with people living with me in the same country as well. My last shut down operation shocked me. Co-incidently I was reading a book called BONDS THAT MAKE US FREE, and that book tackled many issues including self betrayal. I'm currently trying to squeeze the thoughts out of my head, because the drastic decisions that I make usually mean (or give my brain a signal) to trash the matters that led to it completely. That is exactly why I like walking away better when confrontation would mean that I would stand lost for words because I chose to trash my reasoning and just keep the final decision i.e. walk away! Obviously this would make me look incredelous infront of the other person..sooooooo i walk away!
The book I mentioned above made me itch with a desire to walk away the right way. That being (another drastic derivation) allowing the other person to consent to the result, and not just UP N LEAVE!! I thought about doing so with that last person I walked away from, because he surprisingly attemped to make things better in his own little weird way. After much thought I decided not to, its easier to juuuust walk away.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Coral Reefs and Human Interactions

My first post..ryt! ok!

Iam not sure how many readers have been snorkling/diving. I started snorkling about 3 years ago and it is truely amazing! Such soothing beauty and if ur in the ryt spot u won't hear a thing xcept ur under water breathing thru ur snorkel or diving gear thingy (i only did one coached dive then ran for ma life away from the coach and anything that is of any resemblance so i cant really remember the name of the thing u put in ur mouth to get the air!).

Point is, with the global warming and excessive fishing using dynamite and cyanide corals are in serious danger. That is only to mention the human impacts. Others such as diseases and epidemics, erosion and excessive predation from exotic or invasive species, can be regarded as natural causes (some are consequences of human impacts). In places like the phillipines cyanide stunning the fish around the corals is used for fishing in places where some rare and exotic species reside. ARGH!

It is sooo frustrating to know that people go about their business killing fish in such cruel ways. There is the discarded amounts of unwantd BY-CATCH that r increasing annually.Plus ghost fishing ==>discarded equipment that goes around being eaten or strangling fish, marine mammals and birds.

I honestly care about the fish and their biodiversity than the humans that eat them, so I will mention this but I'm not happy about it because it is a lose-lose situation for many fish any ways. HUMANS throw their shit (literally) and loads of other toxins from factories and improperly treated sewage from treatment plants etc. Examples are cadmium, zinc, uranium etc. These accumulate in the fish/sellfish (causing the famous ciguatera poisoning) and if minimal or early on in its manifest it allows the fish to look "healthy" and get EATEN by a human and he erm...dies!
In other cases, the fish and their population annnnnnnnd young get lesions, deformations, reproduction impairments etc.


I just want every1 who reads this and is coincidentally unaware of the toxins and the cruelty in the process to take care of ur marine food (especially crustaceans as they have shown to accumulate more toxins) and try snorkling if u can! you won't regret it!

Best places for Coral Reef snorkling==> Aqaba in Jordan, Sinai on the Red Sea of Egypt, Red sea of Sudan, Australian waters of the Pacific.